The RFID European Lab of ESCP Europe (http://www.escpeurope.eu), gathers professors and entrepreneurs from different countries: France, Germany, US, India, and China. The lab is building collaboration and partnership with public institutions, governments, industries, and universities through executive education, research and surveys.

Our objective is to address managerial and business issues related to RFID solutions and also to analyze major trends such as the Internet of Things and ambient technologies.

What is a Radio Frequency Identification solution?
It is an automatic identification technology that can be used to provide electronic identity to an object. A typical RFID system consists of transponders (tags), reader(s), antennas and a host (computer to process the data). RFID readers send out radio waves to detect tags and read their data. There are many different RFID solutions which differ on parameters such as frequencies, prices, ranges, sizes, or energy consumption.